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The Origin of Millennial

Millennial on the old days was not really meant for negative stereotypes just like today, the word was recognized on the year 1987 by two researchers who are aiming to identify the effect that the pre-school classes to the children born on 1982.

The word millennial is meant to describe the class from all parts of the globe, but the millennial stereotype generated all over the world when the generation simultaneously live in the time where the technology makes its biggest boom. Research’s today focuses on the impact of economic depression bot short and long-term to the generation’s ability to progress socially and economically.

The two researchers are aiming to give a conclusion that generations are in a cycle that eventually they will begin again and again. They also suggested that every generation has their own views in life which differ them from each generation and different generation has their own meaning of a millennial as well, in the 20th century millennial are known to be achieved, conventional, sheltered, team-oriented and special, it will just depend on the generation.

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