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Experience over Material Things

Millennial is known to value more the experience they will get than having a material thing to possess, unlike the other generations. This means that generations today tend to spend more on trips, travels, and adventure than buying expensive things. While this generation tends to choose experience over materials there …

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Curated Links: Why Are They Useful for Ranking on Google?

The world of internet advertising is built around the concept of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the hidden engine that keeps the world wide web powered up and running efficiently. Search engine optimization is a rather broad term that encompasses the efforts of every search engine. In order to keep this discussion as narrow and focused as possible, we’ll go ahead and focus on one aspect of SEO optimization. Today, we will be talking about the power of curated links or niche edits and the impact that they can have on your business.

Links 101: Understanding the System.

If you want to find any measure of success as a content marketer, you need to be able to get your concent in front of your targeted audience. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, the internet is filled with content that is constantly being developed, released, and modified. Have you ever wondered how far Google’s search engine page goes? If you don’t rank in the top section of the first page, you could end up falling so far behind that nobody will ever actually see your content. This is where backlinks come into play.

Backlinks are the foundation by which Google, and other search engines, analyze potential content. In order to rank your webpage higher on the results page, you’ll need to score better marks with Google’s algorithm. One such way to score higher marks is by incorporating backlinks. These links are essentially anchored URLs in larger pieces of content that are published on sites that are (semi) relevant to your niche. These links will point viewers to another website that is related to your niche.


Let’s say that you run a company that sells customized t-shirts based on recent pop-culture trends. You also have a blog, where you post content that is semi-related to your niche. Within your blog, you could create a piece of content about hot new summer fashion trends. Within that content, you could anchor a link to your website. Now, that doesn’t help you get new customers, but it does help you direct traffic to your store. How do you get new customers through this technique?

The best way to spread the wings of your link building network is to incorporate your content on other webpages. In order to do this, you could find content that is already published on sites that are relevant to your niche. Within that content, you’ll ask the webmaster to anchor more links to your own brand – a curated link as many like to call it. Imagine your link building network as a spiderweb, with your primary content in the middle. Each additional curated link that you put onto the web will create another strand of your spider web. The more webs you put out, the wider your reach will be.

Incorporating Curated Links Into SEO Marketing.

Alright, we’ve taken time in order to outline the process of using niche edits aka curated links. Curated links can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your search engine results as well as the overall reach of your content. With proper SEO link building practices, you’ll be able to push your content to the front of the page. Now, having said that, working with curated links is only one aspect of SEO marketing. If you want to find the most success possible for your brand, you need to embrace all manner of SEO efforts. Let’s briefly outline a few other angles that your SEO marketing team should incorporate.

1) Blog Posts – We briefly touched on blog posts above, but we need to double-down on the concept. If you own a branded business website, you should install your own online blog. Use your online blog to communicate with your audience while also educating them on your niche and your inventory. Along the way, you’ll incorporate certain keywords in order to push your page up the rankings.

2) Branded Content – You can also use curated link building in order to brand your content. When you get a high-ranking link on an older blog, yours or someone else’s, you can more effectively build your indexing in the search engine.

By embracing SEO marketing, you can do a lot for yourself with regard to building your brand. Consider hiring an SEO marketing firm in order to handle your online marketing, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Millennial on Social Media

It is very common for the generation today to spend most of their time on social media such as facebook, twitter, Tumblr and more. Because of this, the older generations think that they are lazy and does not take part of what is happening in life as it progresses that they think they have all the time in the world to sit around and face their gadgets.

Older generations thinks that we are working much less but that is not the case, works today became easier because the technology evolves and as of the social media matter, of course, people in today’s generation will most likely be involved in social media because this kind of thing does not exist on the time of our older generations and practically using social media today helps us very much especially communicating to others and learn a lot of things more efficiently.

The Origin of Millennial

Millennial on the old days was not really meant for negative stereotypes just like today, the word was recognized on the year 1987 by two researchers who are aiming to identify the effect that the pre-school classes to the children born on 1982.

The word millennial is meant to describe the class from all parts of the globe, but the millennial stereotype generated all over the world when the generation simultaneously live in the time where the technology makes its biggest boom. Research’s today focuses on the impact of economic depression bot short and long-term to the generation’s ability to progress socially and economically.

The two researchers are aiming to give a conclusion that generations are in a cycle that eventually they will begin again and again. They also suggested that every generation has their own views in life which differ them from each generation and different generation has their own meaning of a millennial as well, in the 20th century millennial are known to be achieved, conventional, sheltered, team-oriented and special, it will just depend on the generation.

Experience over Material Things

Millennial is known to value more the experience they will get than having a material thing to possess, unlike the other generations. This means that generations today tend to spend more on trips, travels, and adventure than buying expensive things. While this generation tends to choose experience over materials there are few reasons to it, one big reason is the economic problem, this makes the life of the generation today to have a harder time buying things because it can be more expensive than the price on what the older generations used to have second is today’s generation approach the job market differently, the job market today seem to be more versatile making the people have the opportunity to not stay in just one place so that they can have their work easily done.

It is also true that millennial have the tendency to spend more than they earn, which leads to the older generation to think that millennials are careless and lazy that they would have to work harder. Their lifestyle and habit of spending carelessly do not reflect on their financial realities for some reason. One reason is that newer generation has a mindset that we have to level up and live a higher standard than the older generations do. Another reason is that they can face the reality that they do not have enough money to live a real life so they tend to please themselves by living outside of their means. But these being said newer generation today is more conscious of our environment that is why recycling and conservation are very strong today. And yes it is just a recent accomplishment for us thanks to the millennial that this habit became normal for us people today. The reason must be the growth of our science technology which gives us more knowledge of what is happening to our environment which makes us being afraid to lose it and makes us conscious to protect it.