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Experience over Material Things

Millennial is known to value more the experience they will get than having a material thing to possess, unlike the other generations. This means that generations today tend to spend more on trips, travels, and adventure than buying expensive things. While this generation tends to choose experience over materials there are few reasons to it, one big reason is the economic problem, this makes the life of the generation today to have a harder time buying things because it can be more expensive than the price on what the older generations used to have second is today’s generation approach the job market differently, the job market today seem to be more versatile making the people have the opportunity to not stay in just one place so that they can have their work easily done.

It is also true that millennial have the tendency to spend more than they earn, which leads to the older generation to think that millennials are careless and lazy that they would have to work harder. Their lifestyle and habit of spending carelessly do not reflect on their financial realities for some reason. One reason is that newer generation has a mindset that we have to level up and live a higher standard than the older generations do. Another reason is that they can face the reality that they do not have enough money to live a real life so they tend to please themselves by living outside of their means. But these being said newer generation today is more conscious of our environment that is why recycling and conservation are very strong today. And yes it is just a recent accomplishment for us thanks to the millennial that this habit became normal for us people today. The reason must be the growth of our science technology which gives us more knowledge of what is happening to our environment which makes us being afraid to lose it and makes us conscious to protect it.

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